In 2010, we took over the lease of the old ferry terminal. We renovated it and turned it into Toldboden at Nordre Toldbod. A building in a historical area which was previously used as the port for foreign and Danish monarchs. This was where Thorvaldsen was greeted in 1838. Toldboden has been a host for large company events, parties, restaurant, Friday bars and conferences as well as Copenhagen Classic Cars – a returning event for people interested in veteran cars and sports cars.
In 2020, Toldboden was shut down. The winter was spent building and brewing on a brand new type of restaurant concept in the maritime buildings right by the harbour front – Seaside Toldboden. As one of the first in the world, we’re mixing the best from the restaurant industry with the best from street food. It means that our 7 kitchens offer simple food cooked with great ingredients turning them into dishes with heavenly flavours.