Street Food District presides over Broens Street Food, Seaside Toldboden, Reffen, Werkstatt, and Storms Pakhus that all spring from the National Museum in Copenhagen. From 2000 until 2017, we ran the restaurant at the museum. In the meantime, we opened Toldboden at Nordre Toldbod in 2010, and in 2014, we introduced street food in Denmark with the very first street food marked - Copenhagen Street Food on PapirØen. Due to a temporary contract, this came to an end in 2017. Those years gave us the courage to open more street food markets, and we took the leap to Funen and opened Storms Pakhus in September 2017 while Reffen and Broens Street Food opened in 2017.

In Street Food District, we are always on the move. Either with a new project or developing an existing or new location. Adaptability, flexibility, and the ability to work together are therefore desirable traits in all our employees. Change and development is in our DNA. This stems from our owner and entrepreneur - Jesper Julian Møller. He is a visionary and his entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm is a large part of the company’s DNA.





In 2000, the journey began at the National Museum in Copenhagen, and in 2010, we opened the doors to Restaurant Toldboden, which has now transformed to Seaside Toldboden. Both restaurants have hosted everything from large company parties, conferences, and groups to restaurant, brunch, and sea bar.

In 2014, we took over the old paper warehouses and the goal was to support individuals wanting to open their own restaurant. The concept of “Independent chefs” came into being. Copenhagen Street Food had 39 street food stalls and 13 different nationalities driven by independent entrepreneurs. But.. all good things must come to an end, when the market on PapirØen had to close in December 2017 due to a temporary contract. The concept has to be redefined and improved. In 2017, we took the leap to Funen to give street food and great experiences to the people of Odense. Storms Pakhus opened in August 2017 with 30 independent local entrepreneurs and approximately 80 employees. Simultaneously in 2017, we signed the lease of two spaces in Copenhagen with Slots- & Kulturstyrelsen at Den Grønlandske Handelsplads and with REDA on Refshaleøen. In May 2018, these two became street food venues today known as Broens Street Food and Reffen.

Broens Street Food represents established and well-known restaurants. The food stalls are run by dedicated and experienced chefs, where quality, good ingredients, and flavours are in focus. During the winter season, the space is transformed into an ice skating rink. Broens Ice Skating Rink is an attraction for locals and tourists in a time without many outdoor activities.Reffen is an entrepreneurial platform that today is the largest in Northern Europe with 50 food entrepreneurs and creative souls. The area is three times larger than the warehouses on Papirøen giving us more space to create a playground for innovative projects, pop-ups, creative workshops, gastronomy, culture, arts, and music. In September 2020, we closed Toldboden as the concept at that time. During the winter season, we built, brewed, and concocted a brand new restaurant concept in the maritime space by the harbour - Seaside Toldboden. As one of the very first, we mix the best from restaurants with techniques from street food.




Jesper Julian Møller is the man behind Street Food District. He started his journey in the kitchen as a 10-year-old working as a dishwasher at Græsted Kro. Since then, his career has taken off - working at several well-known restaurants such as Kong Hans, Olsen, Falsled Kro, and the National Museum in Copenhagen. During a longer stay in Verona, he also learned to master Italian cuisine.

Jesper’s vision for Street Food District is clear: he wants to give the harbour back to the people of the city and help skilled chefs become independent. That why he owns Seaside Toldboden, Broens Gadekøkken and Reffen which constitute their own geographical triangle in Copenhagen, and Storms Pakhus - all with the harbour in common. With these 4 venues, he has helped 71 chefs become independent.